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Noritsu QSS-1912

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  * * We are Sales Office of Japanese company NINOCO CO.,LTD. Our Minilabs exported from Japan directly. We assure you of our super quality machines to offer you high performance and long lasting use. They are all do worthwhile! * *

Speed : 1,423/Hour(3x5R)
System: QSS-1912A
Acc's : 2 Magazine, Zoom Lens, 110 & 135H/F Auto
___________Carrier, Splicing Block, Dark Bag, CRT
___________Monitor, Sorter. Chemical Filter set (New).
___________10 x 15 inch Lens.
Options: APS kit & DCP.
Color CRT monitor with 1,4,6,7, or 28 frame displays
High quality scanner which communicates with the color monitor
Wide range(2.44x), fast action zoom lens, for 110,126 and 135 film
Dual paper magazine with automatic threading and rewinding.
Zero paper loss
Wide range of print size: (82.5x102 to 254x381 mm)
Built-in setup densitometry
Three and a half inch floppy disk drive for data storage and software ___upgrades.
Automatic water suppler.
One-touch waste solution collection.
Processing Capacity:
89x127mm: 1380prints/hour (repeat, calculated)
102x152mm: 613prints/hour (repeat, calculated)
Printable Negatives: 110. 126. 135F, 134H, 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9, Panorama and High Definition TV Radio
Useable Paper Widths: 82.5 to 254mm
Possible Print Sizes: 89x127mm to 254x381 mm
Negative Mask: Automatic, width DX code reader
Paper Supply: Dual magazine
Display Monitor: 10 inch, color
Color Correction Range: -15 to +15 keys (the difference between key is variable from 1 to 50%)
Density Correction Range: -15 to +15keys (the difference between key is variable from 1 to 50%) Chemical: RA-4NP or equivalents
Processing Speed: 1295 mm/min
Processing Time: 3'49"
Dimensions: 1119.8(W)x2112(L)x1505(H) mm
Weight: 560 kg (with solution: 660 kg)
Power Requirements: AC 220-240V single phase 2 wire. 7.6-8.4KVA

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