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Are you looking for Konica machine? We offer you good condition machines at bottom price.

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Konica QD21

Good condition Konica QD21 minilabs

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* * We are Sales Office of Japanese company NINOCO CO.,LTD. Our Minilabs exported from Japan directly. We assure you of our super quality machines to offer you high performance and long lasting use. They are all do worthwhile! * *

Speed : 1,700/Hour(3x5R)
System: NPS-QD21SQA + KP-50QA
Acc's : 2 Magazine, 110, 135F/H Auto Carrier, Zoom
_______Lens, Splicing Block, Dark Bag etc. Monitor
_______Built, Chemical Filter set(New) etc.

Nice Print QD21JA
This top-of-the line minilab combines all the advantages of Konica's ECOJET technology with state-of-the art digital photo processing. Designed to meet the demand for Advanced Photo System (APS) processing, the versatile QD21JA also handles 35mm, allowing you to satisfy all your varied customer needs with one innovative minilab. The system includes digital scanning and image manipulation capabilities, plus a built-in digital printer.

-Fully Digital Imaging Allows operator to scan, manipulate, color correct and store images to accommodate the ever-changing needs of personal and business users.
-Integrated Digital Printer Replacing the separate CRT printers of the past, this fully integrated printer delivers state-of the-industry digital print quality.
-10-inch Color Display Monitor...This superior quality monitor saves time and money by allowing the operator to accurately check color balance and density in either 6-frame or single frame display.
-Hyper DFS Auto-Scanner... This sophisticated single-channel scanner automatically scans and color corrects in the system.
-Ergonomic Controls...Logically arranged for blind operation while watching the CRT monitor, rotating print and set-up keys are designed with user comfort and speedy, efficient operation in mind.
-Advanced Photo System Compatibility...Accommodates three print formats in one pass, and features 80-character back printing and Index Prints. 1,600 Prints Per Hour The QD21JA provides speedy and reliable processing of 35mm and APS film at roughly 2 seconds per print.
-APS Operator Certification...Use of the QD21JA automatically qualifies dealers to receive their "Photo Finisher Service Certificate" (PFSC) required for processing APS film.
-Sleek, Compact, Counter Height
-One-Side Access to all controls.
-Enlargements up to 8 x 12 inches
-Extra-Wide Range of Print Sizes
-Exclusive Pre-Measured Tablet Cartridge System
-Two-Way Loader Option for High-Speed Printing
-Wide Variety of Optional Features We offer dozens of specially designed masks, lenses and carriers to handle a full range of print sizes and special print orders.

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