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Are you looking for KIS machine? We offer you good condition machines at bottom price.

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Manufacturer : KIS
digital lab maximum print size: 8x12
This DKS 750 is targeted above all at print service providers who want to enter the field of digital print production from film and digital files on a comparatively low budget.
maximum capacity is 750 - 10 x 15 cm prints an hour. This version with canon scanner can be upgraded with the IM 1500 scanner from the DKS 1500, offers a maximum resolution of 2,820 dpi and allows a changeover of film carriers for the different negative/slide formats in a single simple operation.

Speed: 750 3.5"X5" or 4X6 per hour

Scanner Resolution: 2700X3800 pixels- High Resolution Setting

Input Types : 135, APS, 120*, 220*, slides*, CD-Rom, Flash Card, Smart Media Card, Memory Card, floppy, Zip Disk, email attachment, web download.

Paper sizes: 3.5"X5" to 9.5"X12" with one print magazine

Exposure System: LCD Booster

Processing Time: 3 minutes dry to dry

Index Print
From any source on any paper format
Personalized with lettering and logo

Contact Sheet
Images in high resolution
Personalized with lettering and logo

Back Printing: 2 Lines with 40 letter maximum

Sorter: up to 10 orders

Up to 24,000 picture archive
Pictures burn to CD while printing

15" touch screen monitor
Windows NT based

59.7" W X 40" D X 67.2" H = 14.20 sq/ft

* optional
Data Subject to change from manufacturer without notice

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