Super quality nuristu LDD Digital Negative Carrier, fuji LDD Digital Negative Carrier, konica LDD Digital Negative Carrier

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Are you looking for brand new LDD Digital Negative Carrier? We offer you high quality LDD Digital Negative Carrier at best price.

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We are Sales Office of Japanese company NINOCO CO.,LTD. We assure you of our super quality LDD Digital Negative Carrier to offer you high performance. They all do worthwhile!

LDD Digital Negative Carrier For Noritsu / Fuji / Konica series
( brand new)

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  Suit machine:
For Noritsu/Fuji/Konica series

** Fuji 232/238/250/258/278
** Noritsu 1912/2301/2601/2611
** Konica 828/858/868/878/
** Noritsu 1501/1201/1202


Elevational drawing Side elevation drawing

Digital import : Medium:CD-ROM ZIP MMC CF MO SD
Connection:Can connect PC
Digital export : Resolution:1280×1024×30bit
Image Manipulation: Modify the color, density, contrast, definition; clear dust or nick; adjust underexposure or overexposure; color reversion; wipe out red eye
Special Effect: Add text, black-and-white, cropping or enlargement.
Printed Application:Certificate photo, Index photo etc.
Print Size: 127x89mm~203x254mm (5"~10") using Fixed Focus Lens, the largest size can reach 305x457mm (18") according to different model

Computer Requirement:
CPU---- Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Pentium® IV 2.0G
HD ----400MB hard disk space available (2GB hard disk or greater
for efilming Server to save exposure queue file)
Display ---SVGA display(support 1280x1024 resolution)
Input--- CD-ROM, USB 2.0, CF, SD, MMC etc. card readers
(To directly input data from digital cameras etc.)
IBM PC compatible with mouse and keyboard
OS ----Windows® XP

Standard Accessories
Digital Negative Carrier =1 pc
AC Power=1pc
Software setup disk=1 pc
220V electrical wire=1 pc
Conversion case and connection=1 pc
Warranty = 1 pc
User's manual= 1 pc
18 in 1 card reader =1 PC
Display adapter kit=1 PC
20-pin Connecting wire(5m)= 1 PC
DVI cable (5m) = 1 PC
« Photo Express » software= 1 PC

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High quality LDD Digital Negative Carrier, nikon LDD Digital Negative Carrier, Fuji LDD Digital Negative Carrier, konica