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Are you looking for Agfa machine? We offer you good condition minilab at bottom price.

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Agfa D-LAB.1 of good condition

Good condition Agfa D-LAB.1 minilabs

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* * We are Sales Office of Japanese company NINOCO CO.,LTD. Our Minilabs exported from Japan directly. We assure you of our super quality D-LAB.1 used minilabs to offer you high performance and long lasting use. They are all do worthwhile! * *

Agfa D-LAB.1 :
Advanced printing technology for outstanding quality, thanks to MDDM Micro-Dot-Display-Multiplexing printing technology (patents pending), specially developed by AgfaPhoto. At the heart of the process is the Agfa Photo micro-stepper designed to produce sharp, high-resolution prints. An unbeatable combination with AgfaPhoto
d-TFS. Thus, the AgfaPhoto d-lab.1 allrounder automatically produces perfect prints every time.

The d-lab.1 is the right solution for customers for whom above all the simple operation combined with compactness is important. Just press the button and order, including film development, prints, index print and "film on CD" can be processed.

d-lab.1 allrounder
The unique all-in-one-talent
This compact business solution, which, thanks to AgfaPhoto MDDM printing technology and AgfaPhoto d-TFS, automatically supplies optimum picture quality, and covers the entire range of modern
on-site processing while only needing 1.6m²/17ft² of footprint.
"All-in-one", combined with "walk away printing" is the success story of the d-lab.1 allrounder, with contemporaneous film development, scanning and printing from both analog and digital (either on-board or via AgfaPhoto image box workstation) integrated into the system. d-lab 1 allrounder is available either with the AgfaPhoto image box workstation or digital input on board.
· Film processing
· Film scanning and processing
· Burning of photos on CD
· Printing from digital
· All this combined into optimum workflow by the d-lab.1 allrounder 2 with the image box as input station for digital picture data.
Smart solution. Small space.
This minilab is made for you. If you don't need an integrated film processor, d-lab.1s basic is a smart alternative to all-inclusive d-lab.1 allrounder. For sensational performance in a small space! You have the choice between the space-saving d-lab.1s basic 1 with one paper magazine or d-lab.1s basic 2 with two paper magazines.
The perfect gateway to the
digital imaging business.
The AgfaPhoto d-lab.1s starter is the latest addition to the d-lab family. It represents the ideal machine for taking your first step into the digital imaging business – not just due to its low price point, but also thanks to its practical technical features. After all, it is based on the sophisticated technology of the d-lab.1 allrounder 2 system. As a result, the d-lab.1s starter can produce a very sensible volume of 550 prints per hour (4”x6” format) from a single paper magazine. This is the ideal starting point for beginners, compared to 900 prints per hour possible on the top-of-the-range model. One thing that the ‘starter’ version does have in common with its sister models, though, is the tiny footprint. Thanks to its modular construction, which provides plenty of scope for expansion as your business develops, the d-lab.1s starter is the ideal, sensible gateway to the digital imaging market.

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